I’m Missing You

Published on May 29, 2020

I’m missing You !!

Since our churches have been closed for daily and weekend masses over the last few months literally hundreds of you have responded to my invitation to send in pictures of yourselves, your family and your loved ones. Those pictures have been enlarged and laminated and are now filling the pews of our empty church here in Rathdowney. When I come out here in the morning to say mass or in the evenings for the rosary it always lifts my heart to see your smiling faces. On many days as I have stood here at the altar or ambo suddenly a beam of sunlight will come in through one of the windows and illuminate a particular photograph and it always puts a smile on my face. I’m so moved that some of you have sent pictures of loved ones who recently passed away – their presence is a real comfort at this time. While most of the pictures are of parishioners, we have also received photographs of many others who are participating in our liturgies and prayer via the webcam from all over the world.
Now that our churches have reopened for personal visits, we had to rearrange some of the photographs to make way for a designated seating area at the front. The rest of the church is literally festooned with your pictures and there are even a few individuals propping up the back wall and I know they are most comfortable down there. I don’t honestly know when we will be able to have masses with congregations again but in the meantime thank God for technology and the ability to stay in touch with so many of you on a regular basis through the webcam. I’m now going to take you on a little tour of the photographs with all the most recent additions. In the words of one of the songs you will hear on this video ‘God be with you Till we meet again.’

Fr. Martin

Follow this link to see a video of all the photographs – updated on Friday May 14th.  Are you there yet?